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Our Curriculum

Our school currently teaches according to the requirements of the revised National Curriculum 2008 and the Literacy and Numeracy Framework 2012.  This curriculum focuses on the development of skills, and aims to provide children with a positive attitude to education and a commitment to lifelong learning. Staff deliver a broad and balanced curriculum using a variety of teaching methods to deliver the curriculum to all pupils and to suit a range of learning styles. 


Teachers plan together, to ensure continuity, development and progression.  There is an emphasis on developing Thinking skills, ICT skills, Communication skills and Number skills.


Schemes of Work for each area of the curriculum are carefully planned.  Daily lesson plans ensure every pupil is challenged through differentiated activities and learning outcomes.  Work in ability-linked groups is used whenever appropriate. Extension and enrichment work is provided to extend our pupils. All children are carefully monitored and assessed to ensure progress is being made. Staff encourage self and peer assessment and work hard to ensure that children know where they are in their own learning and the next step that they need to take in order to make progress.


Pupils cover Foundation Phase Outcomes and Religious Education until the age of 7 and then they study the National Curriculum. (Parents who wish to withdraw their children from Religious Education or assemblies should contact our Headteacher).


The Foundation Phase curriculum consists of three Core subjects: Language, Literacy & Communication, Mathematical Development and Personal & Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity.


The Key Stage 2 curriculum consists of three Core subjects: English, Maths and Science.

Both curricula consist of nine Foundation subjects: RE, Music, History, Geography, Design and Technology, ICT, PE, Welsh (Second Language), Art and Design. 

Things are changing!

"A new curriculum is being developed for settings and schools in Wales.  The aim is that it will be available by September 2018, and used throughout Wales by 2021" source:

Whilst we continue to plan and deliver the current curriculum, we are also looking ahead and preparing our learners for the new curriculum.  Click the button below and watch the video to find out more.

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