Snow Update - School Closed 12/12/17

We are very sorry, but we are forced to close again tomorrow. Despite the best efforts of our caretaker to clear the school site, the roads around and leading to the school entrance remain very icy underfoot. The car park is not safe for use. The pending freezing conditions overnight mean that journeys to and from school will not be safe for everyone in the morning. The bus companies cannot safely make the journeys to and from school either. Tomorrow evening we were due to be back late from the pantomime and this is also a factor in the decision. There will not be enough staff in school to provide adequate supervision for the pantomime visit either. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. We are in the process of trying to negotiate another date for the pantomime visit. Thank you for your understanding in these circumstances which are beyond our control at present. Please be mindful that this page is for information only and we cannot always reply to individual questions. Please try to raise any issues / questions with the school directly, unless they are urgent in nature.

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