School to remain closed Tuesday 6th March

Update on Tuesday 6th March. Having been on site today, I would firstly like to say thank you to the staff who came in to help clear the site as best that we can. Also thank you to Lewis Challenger who assisted us. After they cleared the pathways, they also cleared a section of the car park for staff to use tomorrow (as the car park near the railway line is still not fully accessible). This limits the car parking available to parents tomorrow. I then took a drive around Llanhilleth and the surrounding areas to check access and safe routes to school. The pavements are still mainly inaccessible and there are large piles of snow on the sides of the road, forcing me several times to have to reverse and / or back into ice to allow other cars to pass. Most families would need to walk in the road tomorrow. Therefore I have made the decision to open the school to staff tomorrow and to pupils on Wednesday. Hopefully another 24 hours of similar temperatures and rain will make the pavements safer and also give us chance to clear the car park further and take deliveries into school (as the kitchen has been closed since last Wednesday). I appreciate this is an inconvenience, but the health and safety of the children and their younger siblings is my main concern. Please take care coming into school on Wednesday and leave extra time for your journeys. Thank you for your continued support. 

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